My father gave me an old manual Pentax when I was 12 and since then I have been passionate about photography. I never dreamt it would become my career, but after spending my 20’s in the Army, it sort of happened by accident.

Taking pictures of all the interesting places I visited whilst serving with the Light Dragoons gave me a desire to take it further. Portraits of friends soon turned into photographing their weddings and it grew from there.

I live in Wiltshire with my young family. I travel extensively now, photographing over 30 weddings a year, across the UK and Europe. I cover many other types of events, including private parties and corporate functions, and marketing and PR work for websites and brochures is also a large part of what I do. Portraits both formal and more relaxed family photographs are a much loved part of my work - I am most happy photographing people, capturing their personalities and a moment in their lives.

In essence, for me, photography is a very personal and nostalgic thing - I like the idea that a picture I take could be cherished for a lifetime and be around for even longer, a record even for future generations.

Please contact me to discuss any commissions you have in mind.